Saturday, 29 March 2008

CHM Support for OSX, Quicklook and Spotlight

3 Tools for fixing all of your CHM EBook issues with OSX Tiger or Leopard.


This is a spotlight plug in which adds the contents of your CHM files.


A CHM file viewer


A CHM quick look plug in for viewing those EBooks with Cover View.


Arturo Ochoa said...

This was really helpful. Thanks

Sean said...

I installed the chm for make, I still can not view previews or spotlight does not index it. Any thoughts at what might be wrong. Upgraded to snow leopard from tiger to do this. THanks

Anonymous said...

Given that I am still floundering with Vanilla Leopard, I am unsure why you are having a problem with it.

When I upgrade (soon). I'll post my findings here.